Can I Lose the Google Ad Grant?

Yes. From Google:

If you don't meet the following requirements, your account may be paused or cancelled without notification:

  • Sign in to review performance at least once a month
  • Make one or more changes to the account at least once every 90 days

This policy is important because the performance of any AdWords account can change over time. An account that is performing well one month might not perform well the next month, making it necessary to check the account regularly.

To be informed about mandatory updates to the program, including changes relating to this policy, make sure that the email address used for notifications is up-to-date and checked regularly. Learn how to update your email address for notifications.

What types of changes meet this policy?

The changes made to your account should be based on analysis of performance in your account or adjusting the goals of your ads and campaigns.

Here are some examples of qualifying changes in your account:

What should I do if my account has been turned off?

If your account has been turned off because you haven't met the requirements for active management, you can contact the AdWords team if you'd like to have the account turned back on. Once the account is reinstated, you'll need to continue following the policies mentioned above.

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