How can I see AdWords visits by city or location?

If your organizations is highly localized or you want to focus in on a certain region for a campaign, knowing your traffic, clicks, conversions, and metrics by city can be important. It's not the easiest to quickly find however but here's how you can set it up in Google Analytics:

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Ad a segment for CPC traffic. If you don't have it on you GA, you can import it by clicking this link
  3. Once the CPC traffic segment is on, remove the All Traffic segment in order to avoid confusion.
  4. Go to Audience->Geo->Location and click Canada
  5. You see a list of Regions. On the upper left corner of the table, there's a row: Primary Dimension: Region City Other. Choose City
  6. Below this row, you'll see a button called Secondary Dimension. Click it and search for Ad Group / Campaign, etc.
  7. Finally, you see a list of cities plus relevant ad groups next to them. If you want to look at a specific city, you can use the search bar.

CPC means Cost Per Click and GA means Google Analytics. You can see terms like this in the glossary here.

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