What are confirmation, completion and 'Thank You' pages? Why are they important?

A confirmation, completion or 'Thank You' page is a landing page a user is pointed to after they take an action - make a donation, sign up for email, sign a petition, etc. These pages are important for two reasons:

  1. User experience. You can immediately confirm with the user that they successfully completed the action they wanted to take. Often you will also thank them for that action and even provide the next step, more content, or how to connect on other channels. This is a nice touch for the user and can be beneficial for you as small actions often lead to more small actions.
  2. Tracking. The other reason for confirmation pages is for tracking. While there are ways to track donation completes and form submissions without a confirmation page it gets more complicated and involves more code knowledge and access. With a confirmation page, you can create a Goal in Google Analytics which then allows you to easily see where people are coming from and what they do before they take that action. These goals can also be easily imported into AdWords as Conversions which helps you optimize ads, keywords, and campaigns for action - not just clicks.

Here's an example of a good thank you page after an email signup:

Here's an example of what you can see in Google Analytics if Goals are set up:

And you can drill down into specific goals to get more detail:



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