How to set up email signup as a goal in Google Analytics

One of the best uses of Google AdWords is to drive more traffic and get more email signups. From there, you can share more of your mission, work, and stories to engage them and recruit their support. As such, having a Goal in Google Analytics is key so you can see where your email signups are coming from.

It's easy to set up as long as you have a 'thank you' or 'completion' page. Something like More on the importance of that page here.

Once that page is set up, here's how you can create a Goal in Google Analytics:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab and find 'Goals'
  3. Choose New Goal
  4. Whether you use a template or not, make sure you choose Destination as the goal type
  5. Name your goal (something like Email Signup)
  6. Copy your completion or 'thank you' page URL and paste it in the Destination field
    • NOTE: If your URL will ALWAYS be the same, you can choose "Equal to". But if you append URL's with any information from traffic sources or additional tracking, you'll want to select 'Begins with'. More from Google on this here.
  7. Don't set a value or Funnel
    • NOTE: To be even more accurate, you can set up a funnel with your email signup page URL as the first and required step. More on funnels and Goals here.
  8. Click Save




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